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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coach Update 4/6-2010

Update 4/6-2010:
In this newsletter:
0. Schedule
1. Referee Update
2. Player Form, Accident Form, Lineup Card
3. Email Address, US Mail Address, Phone Number changes?

The schedule is posted online at

Referee Update
Our AYSO Referee volunteers are in a bit of crunch this coming Saturday 4/10 as a few of our veteran referees are instructors and will be training new volunteer AYSO Referees this Saturday as well. Therefore we'll be running short of volunteer referees for this one day. The AYSO Staff asks that all coaches and parents be patient as referees will be doing the best they can to ensure that a game is staffed by a referee.

If a referee is not present at the start of the game time, I ask that a coach be prepared to referee the game should a referee not be present.

A few pointers, please check the following for safety:

1. Players Uniform (neatly dressed with proper color socks)
2. Equipment (shinguard, soccer shoes)
3. No watches or jewelry worn.
4. Uniform is pulled over any other clothing for warmth (ie. sweat pants, sweat shirt etc.)

For more information on Referee training, see the email below. The training is from 9am-4:45pm. Any volunteer with AYSO 183 can be trained to be a referee.
If for some reason the fields are not playable on 4/10, you are welcome to take this training class. You'll need to register online for this class.
Please email the Referee Admin with regards to attending the class.

If you do know of any parents that are interested in volunteering as a referee. There are different responsibilities for being a referee as opposed to a coach.
For example, one does not need to be involved with team/player management but as instead be a good manager of the game for players, coaches and spectators.
The time commitment for being a referee is different than a coach.

We never have enough referees. I encourage you to pass the word on that any volunteer is interested in becoming a referee.

Player Forms, Accident Form, Lineup Card
Some reminders:

1. Player Forms:
Please be sure that you have all of your team's player forms in your hands on Saturday Game Day.
If you don't have these papers, you run the risk of a game not played. This is requirement by our AYSO National organization and board.
Hint: Get those forms and put these in your soccer coaches bag/folder.

** AYSO Staff will be doing spot checks every week for player forms. **
** If you are not available that weekend, those forms must be present with a team parent or assistant coach **

2. Accident Forms:
Please print out 2-3 or more of the following form.

We'd like to be sure that you put copies of this form in your soccer folder/bag. I also welcome that you pass a copy of this form
to other coaches who might not have this form.

The purpose of this form is that should an injury happen on the field, the AYSO Staff would like to be sure that it documented.
Upon completion of the document should an event occur, please bring the form to the AYSO Staff Picnic Table on game days at the
Peterson Park South Fields.

3. Game Card
This week, please be sure that you fill out the game card with your player's names. This card will be turned into the referee.
So therefore, if you need to keep track of players time on the field, I would suggest that you keep a separate spreadsheet.

I go into more detail here:

For more information:

Game Card Link:

4. Contact Information:
We change our contact information from time to time. Please be sure that in the future, if you change your contact information
(ie. email address, phone number, US Mail Address), that I get this updated as soon as possible.

Referee Clinic

Subject: RE: Basic Referee Clinic April 1oth

Just a reminder,

The free referee clinic is coming up fast and still have loads of space for you to attend.

April 10th 2010


Please remember to go online to and register for the course and also fill out a volunteer form if you have not already (bring 3 printed copies please).

Thanks to those that have, and see you then.

Remember sign in.

Keith H.

Hello all,

We all know you like to learn how to referee or know someone that would like to.

So, we have a Basic Referee Course setup for the 10th of April (9:00am to 4:45pm).
Please be on time.

Please log into and register for the class and email back.
If you can not log in please email back with your name and interest to attend.
Course #: 6151 Roster #: 201001517

We will also provide lunch during the session.

Where you may ask?

Budlong Woods Library

5630 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60659
(312) 742-9590

Free, for those that will be a Referee for region 183, if you would like to attend and are from another region please reply and will let you know of the price (which would be to cover any cost).

To bring?

Other news.
The current 2nd part of the season is to start up an April the 10th (park permitting). We need to know who is going to be returning.

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