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Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/29 Update

Oct 1st and Oct 2nd - Loyola Univ. Ball Kids and Free Game
If your family is interested in watching soccer played at a college level, Loyola University Soccer Games are free to attend.     The game times are below for this weekend and the Loyola Ramblers Teams are looking for ball kids !     If you show up 30-60 minutes before game time, you'll see how these college soccer players warm up with the same soccer practice games that you use at your practices...

Loyola University Soccer Program is looking for 10 youth players from AYSO Region 183 U08, U10, U12 or U14 Divisions to participate as ball kids on Oct 1st (Saturday) and Oct 2nd (Sunday).   The game is located at the Loyola University Soccer Field (Devon / Hoyne).

Game Times
Sat.  10/1  7pm Men's Soccer Game vs. Butler
Sun  10/2  1pm Women's Soccer Game vs. Indiana State

Ball Kids Reservations
To reserve your player's spot as a ball kid, 
please contact Kim Schaller at

This event is a great opportunity for families to see a free college game close up and youth players can participate on the field as a ball kid.     Please plan on arriving 30-45 minutes before game time to participate.
Oct 8th - AYSO Region 183 Picture Day
Reminder to everyone that picture day is Oct 8th.    The schedule and location for picture day will be announced soon.   However please keep in mind that team pictures will be taken at least 1 hour before your team's game time.   So please plan ahead.  

Coaches and Team Parents will be handing out the picture order forms starting at Sept 24th.     Please be sure that you review the picture order form.

Please note.  If you'd like to receive photos, please place an order.

This picture program is pre-pay.   Payment is due on October 8th with the signed form with package choice(s).   Popular packages range from $14 to $46.   You are no obligation to purchase a package.   However, only those individuals who have made payment will receive orders.  Packages purchased after picture day will incur service charges.   

You must bring the completed order form to picture day (October 8th).

Picture Location will also be announced with the Picture Schedule.

Our Picture Day Photography Team will be "PMI Sports" at the following web site

Families are also welcome to prepay at the web site with the following instructions:
1. Please go to
2. Use the Picture Day Payment Code of 10356

Contact Information
PMI Sports
(847)526-3003 or 800-554-7192

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14th Newsletter

Coach Newsletter Topics  Sept 14, 2011
- Coach Handbook
- Green Folder & Player Forms!
- Safe Haven Certification 100% Goal !
- Coach Certification and CATZ Coach

- How to coach your team
         Balanced Teams and Good Sportsmanship
- Hey Coach... Relax.
         The Technical Area

- U06 and U08 Divisions - Training and Game

Coach Handbook
At our Preseason Meetings, I handed out the AYSO Region Coach Handbook.  If you did not get a copy, please let me know.    The Coach Handbook is a great tool for you to use and in addition there are AYSO Coach guidelines that we must follow.     For those of you who are not familiar with the contents of the handbook, please spend sometime for review.

Green Folder & Player Forms
As required by AYSO National Regulations, all coaches are to have the player forms present at training sessions or games.    At team uniform distribution, we handed out these player forms in our Regional AYSO 183 Green Folder.     Please be sure that you have these forms available in your coach / sports bag.    From time to time our staff will at fields on game days doing spot checks.     By regulation, if the form is not present the player is not able to participate.  

Safe Haven Certification and Coach Certification
We are not at 100% AYSO Safe Haven(ed) certified in our region.   Our goal as a region is that all volunteers must be Safe Haven Certified.   The importance of being Safe Haven certified is that is important you as a volunteer knows what's important for our youth players and volunteers in AYSO in terms of having a Fun and Safe environment.

Some of coaches had taken Safe Haven Coaches a few years ago when their children started in AYSO.    I would highly suggest that coaches that a refresher course online and re-certify.       

All volunteers are welcome to certify and/or re-certify AYSO Safe Haven thru online training which is about 1.5 - 2.0 hours.    In order to complete the online training, you'll need to go to eAYSO and find your AYSO ID.   Then go to AYSO Training at to complete the AYSO Safe Haven under Management courses.   

There are also online-Coach Courses to complete at U06, U08 and U10.    All coaches must also have completed online training if they did not attend an in-person course.  Coaches who complete the in-person course, should also attend a in-person coach clinic when available.    Online course training only gets you so far.  

As of July 1st, 2011 - AYSO had mandated that all new volunteers complete AYSO Safe Haven and existing volunteers are welcome to complete the new AYSO Safe Haven Course.

If you have not completed AYSO Safe Haven, you are required to complete this within 10 days.     For those volunteers that would like to complete the course with in-person instruction please let me know.     I will need to schedule in some time to train volunteers AYSO Safe Haven with in person class.

CATZ Coach Accounts
Upon completion of AYSO Safe Haven and at least one of the three -  U06, U08 and U10 Coach Certification courses,  then you'll get access to our specialized AYSO Coach Training Video Web Site by CATZ Coach.   At this web site, you'll be able to learn more as to how to run training sessions by watching videos and having access to practice plans.      We are working with CATZ Coach and we'll be sending out more information about access at a later time.

Balanced Teams and Good Sportsmanship
As stated in our preseason coaches meeting and its also listed in the Coach Handbook,   any game that has a run up of the score where the score differential is +4 (ie. for example 4-0, 5-1, 8-0, 10-1, etc.)    Coaches will be reminded by the referee or field monitor to rebalance the team with lineup change at quarter break.   I will also suggest that as a coach that if you are at +3, your game can quickly be +5 for which your opponent may lose confidence very quickly.

Try new challenges to the team such as "try 3 passes in the defending 1/3 of the field, 3 passes on the right side, then 3 passes on the left side."  or "every one must pass to each other 2 times before you try to score" or "every player must touch the ball 3 times before passing to another".     These challenges must be presented in your training sessions so that players know what it means when in game.

I will direct that both coaches from both teams work together on improving the outcome of the game for both teams. 

The Technical Area
How many of us know what the "Technical Area" is?   How many of us stay in the area during the entire game?   The Technical Area is an area which is know to us in Region 183 as the Coaches Side which is one side of the touch line.  In fact, the Technical Area is about 5-10 feet long from the middle of the field extending for both teams.     Only players and coaches are to be on this side while the other side of field (other touchline) is the area for Fans.    Therefore, you as the coach should not be running up and down the touchline from corner flag to corner flag.    Please say within the middle third area of the field. 

During the game from the top of the hour thru the end of your session, no coach is to leave the "Technical Area" while the game is in session.   This includes any stoppage such as direct kick, penalty kick, or even a goal when scored.   Coaches and Players on the side (resting) are not allowed to enter the field of play unless approved by the Referee.  

By the way, when an injury on the field occurs; the referee will blow the whistle.   All players are to stop; and the player will be first be checked by the referee.    No parent is to walk on the field until the referee asks.    The referee will first ask for the coach before the parent.   The coach and referee may then ask for help from the parent.

Also as a reminder, no parent, fan, player, coach or anyone should be behind or next to the goal.   

U06 and U08 Training and Game
As a reminder, the U06 Division plays 3 v 3.   If you do increase the numbers for from 3 v 3 to 4 v 4 or 5 v 5, you'll tend to see aggressive play and that there are additional feet on the field which reduces touches between players.    We as coaches need to increase the number of touches and be sure that we stay within our guideline with regards to short-sided play at U06 and U08.

At the U08 Level, the game is played 5 v 5 with good reason.   The larger field of play is meant to increase the players mobility by working in width and depth.   The player with the ball is penetrating, so you'll need to work in concepts of sharing the field and working together with players that are not on the ball.   U08 Coaches should review their manuals to find games that work-in skill (theme) of attacking with dribbling and passing.

What's a touch?
A touch on the ball is actually the movement of the foot with the ball.  A good first touch is control of the ball with the instep or outstep where the ball is still infront of the player.    A bad touch is a touch where the player immediately reacts to the ball and kicks it back!   If a player kicks it back to the other team, parents say "Good Kick!".    No!  Ensure that the players keep possession of the ball and works on that first touch; and then second touch; and then third touch.  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Card Management

Game Card Management
All coaches are required to complete game cards for each game.

Game Card in Coach Packet
When you opened your coach packet from the Uniform Distribution, you will notice game cards in the envelope. Game cards are used to help track your players on and off the field during the game.

If you need more game cards, please stop by the AYSO Staff Picnic Table at the Peterson Park South Fields (near the field house) on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

Pre-Fill Game Cards
My recommendation is to pre-fill 2 game cards before Saturday (Game Day). The card should list all players on your entire team roster. You should fill out a few cards at a time.

I would also keep a second roster cards during the game and here is why:
  • The referee will ask for a card at the start of the game.
  • Keeping an extra copy of the game card will help you remember who played in and out for this week based on rotation for the next week. This will help you work the rotation of players between different positions.
  • We have some AYSO coaches that have great player rotation systems that they have used on their own. I welcome any coach to offer their system of rotation to new coaches! Please email me. We can use you as a great example ;-)
  • Your second copy will be used to guide you keeping track of players play from week to week.
  • During the game, ask your Assistant Coach or Team Parent to help keep track of players on the secondary sheet.
  • If a referee did not take your game card, please bring the game card to the AYSO Picnic Table at the Peterson Park South Fields (next to the field house) anytime on Saturday Game Day. (or) bring these to the Coach Admin Meetings.

Game Card Sheet Online
Here is a good tool on the Internet. AYSO has provided the Game Cards in print out format. I’ve used this format at my second roster card during the game to help me keep track of players.

You can use the following link to create your game card online:

link here:

By filling the game card thru your web/browser, you are then able to print out 1 sheet with 4 game cards. You should print out multiple copies.

Marking the Game Card
As instructed on the game card, the card states that for each quarter, you mark down who has not played. Therefore you’ll just need to mark down who is not on the field.

Rotation Method: Some coaches use a pre-planned rotation per quarter to help them manage and ensuring players play most of the game. In addition, the rotation concept gives the players freedom to try different positions on the field.

Coaches can ask parents regarding availability from week to week so that the lineup card and roster rotations are planned and/or kept in mind for you.

For example, one player might have been sick the week before or another did not get to play 3/4 of game. You would like to be sure that everyone has a chance to play. You should be sure that those players who played less then previous week, get more playing time the next time.
Also players who don't show to practice does not have a direct effect to playing on Saturday. For example, a player may not be able to a practice with your team due to family event, but does show on Saturday.

Coaches should consider rotating the goalie by quarter and ensure that everyone on the team plays goalie at least few times a season. In higher age-divisions, you may get some players who wish to specialize in goalie. In that case as always encourage teammates to help by being a goalie as well so that everyone has time on the field.

Here we have demonstrated the AYSO philosophies of "Everyone Plays" and "Balanced Teams".

Coach Feedback
Coach #1
I prepare a lineup, by quarter, on a sheet of paper on Thursday or Friday. I usually decide who my keepers are going to be by Tuesday, so we can work with them at practice.

I give a copy to my assistant coach, who sets up the defense while I set up the mids and forwards.

This does two things -- it reduces the delay between quarters, and keeps the coach from being besieged by people yelling "I wanna play this!" or "I don't wanna play that!"

The coach needs good attendance info from his/her players' parents, of course, in order to make this work well.

Peterson Park Field Map 2011 Fall Season U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19

The image below is the field map for the 2011 Fall Season for U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 Divisions.   Parking is found along Central Park Ave on the park side of the street.   There are parking restrictions on the house side of the streets.    Also, parking can be found at the Parking Lot south of the Park Field house where access is found from the North Park Village entrance on Pulaski Ave.

Directions:   Use Google, Type in "Peterson Park AYSO" and click on the Maps.

Hollywood Park Field Map 2011 Fall Season

The image below is the field map for the 2011 Fall Season at Hollywood Park for U05, U06 and U08 Divisions.    Parking is found along the park side of the street.   There are parking restrictions on these streets.

Directions:  Use Google, Type in "Peterson Park AYSO", Click on the Map, Then Map Scroll East 1/4 - 1/2 Mile on Peterson Ave.  (Intersection Peterson Ave / Jersey Ave). 

11 v 11 Player Rotation for U14, U16 and U19

11 v 11 Player Rotation for U14, U16 and U19

9 v 9 for U12 Player Rotation

9 v 9 for U12 Player Rotation

7v7 Player Rotation for U10

7 v 7 Player Rotation for U10

Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 v 5 Player Rotation

U08 Division
The following is the player rotation for a 5 v 5 game in the U08 Division.

3 v 3 Lineup Player Rotation

U05 and U06 Division Player Rotation
The following is a chart of the number of quarters a player plays thru rotation at the quarter breaks.  

How to Setup Our U08 Goals at Hollywood Park

U08 Goal Setup
U08 Team Parents and Coaches:
Want to learn how to put up our U08 Goals at Hollywood Park? You can do it 90 seconds!