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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coach Update 4/22-2011 for Saturday Game Day 4/30-2011

In this Coach Update for Wed 4/13 for Saturday Game Day 4/30.     Please read. 

U08 NEW GoalsWe have new goals for U08 Fields.    These new goals are somewhat easier to put together and is a different size.  Last year's goals were approx U10 size which were too big.    After the Coaches Meeting on 4/2, we demonstrated for all U08 Coaches that were present how to put up the goals.        All U08 Coaches are to inform team parents please allow extra extra time to put up these new goals (30 minutes) at the start of game day ( 8:30am ).   First games are a 9:00am.

U08 Rules Update Penalty Kicks
As reviewed by our Referee Administrator at the Coaches Meeting, Rachel O'Shea covered as to how the Penalty Kick (PK) was to be determined and how the restart is implemented in our U08 Division.    The Referee Admin group has provided the following guidance:

If a Penalty kick is awarded during the course of normal play, the kick is taken from the center circle, the ball must be kicked forward and can not be touched by the player again until another player has touched it, the ball is in play when it is kicked and moves forward.  The ball is considered live once it is put into play.  All players must be behind the center line and outside of the center, apart from the designated kicker who will take the kick from the marker within the center.   No player shall move past the center line until after the ball is kicked.
  • Scenario: Player takes penalty and kicks the ball forward.  As the ball is traveling towards the goal a team mate (no encroachment) runs and kicks the ball into the goal.  Result: Goal, restart kick off  
  • Scenario: Player takes penalty, kicks the ball forward towards the goal, as it is about to go into the goal, defender runs into goal area (aka "no fly zone") and kicks the ball out of play. Result: Penalty kick for entering the goal area.  
  • Scenario: Player takes the penalty, kicks the ball forward, while chasing after the ball, player kicks the ball again (no other player has touched it). Result: Direct Kick awarded to the defense at the spot of the re-touch.
Goal Setup / Take down Reminder:If you have the 9:00am games, inform your team parents earlier in the week to be available to help setup goals 30 minutes before start of games (8:30am).    For a quick refresher on how to setup goals click here:

Now all goals for each division are slightly different for setup but the same concepts apply! The New U08 Goals might be easier that the steps described in my blog.

Also, coaches if you know you have the last game of the day ~ remind your parents at the start of the game about take down duties.   This will at least give yourself time to provide a coaching moment with your team at the end while your team parents help take down the goals.    To find out if you have the last game, click on the scheduled link for your division at the Game Schedules link:

Game Cards Lineup Policy and Reminder
This is a policy that all AYSO 183 Coaches must follow as part of procedure.

5 minutes before the start of a game, all coaches are to give to the referee a filled out lineup card with player names, team number, coach name and time/date of game.    Therefore for games, you as a coach should keep a separate lineup sheet for your own game rotation to ensure "Everyone Plays".
I recommend that on Thursday or Friday night before the game, you will out the lineup card for all players on your team.  It does not matter if players are not present for the lineup card on game day.    In fact, if you have time just go ahead and fill out 10 lineup cards.    If you don't have any with you, just stop by Peterson Park South Fields or at Hollywood Park on game day and ask a Board Member for lineup cards.

You can go online and use the official PDF lineup card here:

More tips on game card management

[NEW!] Trophy Distribution Player Names Due 4/30
This year, AYSO 183 plans to add names to all trophies that will be distributed on Soccer Fest.    Therefore its is your responsibility as the coach to confirm the player's full name as it was registered with us at AYSO.    All coaches should have received an official roster sheet at the start of the season.     If there are name changes such as incorrect spellings, etc., please email me so that I can collect those and forward those on to our registration team.  

If you do not send me any changes by April 30th, I will assume that your team roster is good on May 1st. 

Our trophy coordinator will then start the process for getting those names with trophies.

Please complete this by April 30th 2011.

Player Evaluation 5/1 - 5/16

This is a heads up, that I'll remind all coaches thru by 5/14, all player evaluations will need to be emailed to AYSO 183 Player Evaluation Coordinator / Coach Josh Ermentrout at     Basically between now and 5/7, you as a coach should have a good idea as to how each player approaches the game.

For now, we use the following guide for player evaluations:

Player evaluations are an important guide for AYSO 183 to use with regards to team balancing.    Division coordinators will use this as a guide for team assignments.      If coaches want to further refine the evaluation process, I ask that coaches be certified at the age appropriate levels and understand the following the "principles of attacking and defending" along with the following form that is used for U14 and above.

Monday, April 4, 2011

AYSO 183 - 2011 Spring Season

AYSO 183 - Spring Season

We are looking to start April 16th. This park district management will make the decision based on field conditions.

The schedule is posted online at

Spring 2011 Game Day/Practice Reminders:
  1. Goal Setup: 45 minutes before game time (9 :00 AM)

    All teams that have 9:00 AM starts, should arrive 45 minutes before game time. Coaches and Parents should be prepared to carry goal equipment from the field lockers to the field locations. We are also expected to setup the goals 10-15 minutes before game time. We want to be sure that the games start on time. Anytime that is lost as part of setup is lost for that one hour only. The next game starts at 10:00am.

    Please be sure that upon setup of the goal, that all stakes are properly placed to hold the goal firmly down on the ground. The goal must be secure to the ground.

  2. Player Forms: All coaches present must have player forms with them. Advice keep all player forms in a folder and in your own soccer coaches bag. Warning: AYSO Staff have been instructed to ask coaches if player forms are present. If not, we risk the chance of that game not being played. Seriously. Why? AYSO requires that these forms are present from a safety perspective such that if a player gets hurt, coaches and team parents have emergency contact and waiver information readily available. Important: I am really stressing this point and I take the displeasure with regards to micro-managing this reminder.

  3. Game Cards: All coaches must have the Game Card (lineup card) filled out at the start of each game. Please spend the time to fill out these game cards (or) print outs. If you don't have cards, please go online to print out these cards. The referee will request these cards at the start of each game. Therefore it is best to have a backup card / clipboard sheet to keep track of your player rotations.

    Why? These cards are used to help keep track of player rotations in our games. We'd like to be sure that players get to play at least 1/2 of the game and we recommend and try go get each player to play 3/4 of a game. It is important that all players in AYSO play as much as possible through the entire season.

    Game Card Turn In: Typically a referee will ask for the game cards at the start of the game, at the end of game ~ or end of field duties, the referee will turn in the game cards to AYSO Staff.

    Game Lineup Sheet (Your copy): Its important that you keep your own copy (spreadsheet) of your lineup. This will help you keep track of players during the course of play. This will also give you a perspective as to how you can manage your teams lineup for the next game. Some players don't make it all games, so you want to be sure that returning players from absent games get to play in most of the next game. (Advice)

  4. Goal Take Down:

    Teams that have the last game on the fields will have the responsibility to take down goals. The goals, nets, stakes, corner flags, and equipment are taken down and brought back to the field locker location. Some goals have goal bags associated, so please be sure that all equipment is placed in the bag.

  5. Being Green

    We have a lot of people watching our soccer games. We do have a increased chance of leaving bottles, wrappers, food, paper, and clothing behind. Please give a heads up to families that we should leave the park as green as possible and that all trash should be properly disposed into the garbage cans in the park.

Area Fest - Sunday June 5th 2011
AYSO 183 Teams in the U10, U12, and U14 divisions can participate in the AYSO Area Fest. The Area Fest comprises of AYSO's in the north and northwestern suburbs close to Chicago such as Skokie, Highland Park, Glenview, Morton Grove, Evanston and Chicago.

The date for Area Fest is June 5th 2011.

Area Fest basically comprises of short-sided games on smaller fields. The number of players on the field is 5 v 5 (U10) and 7 v 7 (U12). The length of games are shorter than the regulation time in AYSO.

Please contact me if there is interest by your team to join the Area Fest.

AYSO Region 183 will need volunteers to help setup at the different locations at Area Fest. Typically all parents who partipate as coaches, assistant coaches and team parents help with Area Fest setup at their team locations.

Friday, April 1, 2011

AYSO Soccer Camp at Peterson Park 7/25-2011 to 7/29-2011

AYSO Soccer Camps

  • Internationally Qualified and AYSO Certified Staff
  • Free Camp T-Shirt
  • Free Parent / Coach Clinics
  • Guaranteed AYSO Fun!
Camp Details
Peterson Park AYSO Region 183
July 25 - July 29
Code: 74606461
Peterson Park, South Field, Chicago
5:30pm-8:30pm (Ages 6-16 years) $99
5:30pm-7:00pm (Ages 4-5 years) $69

Make Checks Payable to AYSO Soccer Camps with Code: 7606461

Send to:
AYSO Soccer Camps
PO Box 1838
Redlands, CA. 92373
Phone: 888-857-6222

or register online

at  and select the state of Illinois, and look for "Peterson Park R183" 7/25-7/29