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Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 Soccer Fest Rules

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2011 Soccer Fest Rules

2011 Soccer Fest Field Map

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2011 Soccer Fest Field Map
Peterson Park South Fields

2011 Soccer Fest Schedule

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Loyola Soccer Clinic Wed June 8th 2011

June 8th - Free Soccer Clinic for AYSO Region 183

May 20th 2011 Coach Notes

You are welcome to forward to your player families

 Soccer Fest is June 11th
details to be emailed soon!
see below regarding Soccer Fest  

Notes for the May 20th.     

Quick Reminder:  NO Games on Saturday May 28th - Memorial Day Weekend 

1. No Baseball Shoes:  We have had a few times that our Referees have encountered players wearing Baseball Cleats or Baseball Shoes.    There is a cleat / spike at the front of these shoes that do not meet national regulations for playing soccer.   The front cleat spike is actually very dangerous when players are using this shoe.   The spike can hurt the players, referee  or fans sitting on the side.

Coaches you are responsible for informing players and parents to wear soccer shoes at our games.  If a player shows up with baseball shoes they will be asked not to play unless they change out to regular gym shoes or soccer shoes.

2. No Jewelry, Watches, Glasses etc.    Any item that is worn as a display item such as a watch, hard-glasses, earing, ring, bracelet, necklace, or a baseball type hat with a hard bill, the player will be asked to remove the item and hand the item to the parent or coach.    Again, we have had a few occurrences.     These items are not to be covered with a shirt, sock, or even tape.     If the player does not remove these items, the player will be asked not to play until such items are removed.

3. Goal Safety:  All coaches and team parents are responsible to ensure that goals are safely secured with spikes to the ground.    Referees will check as well.    Players are not to play around the goal of the goal is not secured.    Players are not to hang from the goal post for example doing pull ups, etc.         In fact, while the goal is being setup please be sure that players are warming up away from the goal area.

4. Good Sportsmanhip:    We have had a few occurrences where a "red cards" were issued to players in our region regarding inappropriate / foul language used during the game.     When the red card is issued, the player is removed from the game and also cannot play the next scheduled game.      Foul language shouldn't be used  anyways whether its on or off the field by or players, fans, parents, coaches, referees or staff volunteer. 

Good Sportsmanship is an AYSO philosophy that we stand by.    We strive to create a positive environment based on mutual respect rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude, and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO.      

AYSO also has worked with Responsible Sports and Positive Coaching by "Honoring the Game" by parents, fans, players, coaches and referees:

Coaches, please go over "ROOTS" concept with your team and talk about Good Sportsmanship.  

5. Callling All Returning Coaches
Just as a reminder, if you are returning as a coach for next season.   Please stop by the Peterson Park South Fields
on Saturdays  between 9am-12pm to resign your pre-preprinted volunteer form.    As always, we do need all coaches to return as our organization will increase.   We are predicting more than 25% growth.

We ask that you do this as soon as possible on May 21st, June 4th and / or June 11th 

Here is the challenge for us.   If we don't get enough coaches, teams will increase in size.   Players will have less opportunity to touch the ball on the playing field during a game.   Thus the fabulous bee line goes into effect !

6. New Volunteers - We need Referees and Assistant Coaches / Lead Coaches
Coaches, by now you may have an interested parent on the sideline stepping up to help you as an assistant coach or might be more active on the sidelines.      As we close the season, now is a great opportunity to speak with your player parents to volunteer with us at AYSO Region 183.

We always have needs for coaches and referees.   In fact, we do need more referees as our organization grows.   As our organization grows the more games we'll be having.  The more games, the need for more referees.    

Referee training is free.     Refereeing always give that "active parent" a different perspective of the game. 

7. Soccer Fest - June 11th - Saturday
Soccer Fest is Saturday June 11th at the Peterson Park South Fields.   All AYSO Region 183 Teams will be participating in a soccer festival where each team will play 2 short-sided games.  (ie 5 v 5).     

The day is a celebration to the end of our year in soccer with AYSO with fun and food.    This is a great event for our region and many families enjoy the day.      The success of this event is support by our volunteers and team parents.

We do need more volunteers to help support the day.    Arlene Zoller is our Soccer Fest coordinator and will be happy to provide more details for volunteering help such as trophy distribution, food serving, setup and cleanup.  We'll need as many volunteers that can help with this fun event.

Please contact Arlene at

I'll be sending more details about the Soccer Fest event for our coaches regarding game schedule, rules, and field map, etc. in a later email.

8. Quick Reminders:
  • 5/25 - Loyola Soccer Clinic May 25th Wed at Loyola Soccer Park from 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • 5/27 - No Games
  • 6/4  - Saturday AYSO Game  
  • 6/4   - Chicago Fire Game - June 4th - Tickets $15 ;  Click here for tickets 
  • 6/11 - AYSO Region 183 Soccer Fest  
  • 6/11 - Last Day of Registration for Fall / Spring 2011-20112 Season
  • 6/12 - Registration Wait List Started (NO EXCEPTIONS)  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AYSO 183 Chicago Fire Game Night June 4th 2011

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AYSO 183 / Chicago Fire Game - June 4th 2011 
The Chicago Fire has offered to AYSO Region 183 , Premier Level Tickets for $15.00.   

Use "183" as the Special Offer Code to purchase.

Click on this link: 

Included with purchase:   
  • Free t-shirt per child / ayso player
  • On field pre-game team introduction activity
  • More activities based on number of tickets purchased from AYSO 183. 
Chicago Fire vs. Seattle Sounders
June 4th Saturday
Game Time: 7:30pm.    
Toyota Park