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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pele likes Youth Soccer in the US

Pele likes what he sees with the growing movement of youth soccer in the US.   Read the link below,0,3962184.story#axzz2z5MYKl5l

Spring 2014 New Coach Shirt and Badge Policy

New Coach Shirts and Coach Badge
We distributed new Coach Shirts at the Spring 2014 Volunteer Coach Meetings on April 5th at River Park. For those coaches who attended the coach meetings on April 5th and received a coach shirt and coach badge. 

Thank you for completing your certifications.  

For those coaches who did not attend the coach meetings, please read the following and be sure that you meet the requirements below.

Coach Shirt Requirement
Coaches who are certified with AYSO Safe Haven and specific AYSO Coach Certification will have received a new coach shirt along with a coach badge.     The coach badge is specific to the age-division level the coach is assigned with Coach Certification completed.
Any individual who has claimed to be a coach will have complied with the following :
- 1) Completed AYSO Volunteer Form (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)
- 2) Completed AYSO Safe Haven Course
- 3) Completed AYSO Coach Certification by Age Division

Wearing Coach Shirt
All coaches who meet the above stated Coach Shirt Requirement are asked to wear this coach shirt as much as possible on Game Days.   Wearing the coach shirt on practice days / training sessions are beneficial to for oure region.

Coach Shirt Pickup -
    Saturday April 26th 2014 9am-12pm
    Peterson Park South Fields
    AYSO Staff Table

For those coaches who did not pickup a coach shirt at the Spring 2014 Coach Meeting, please stop by the
Peterson Park South Fields / AYSO Safe Table to pickup your shirt.

Coach Badge
At pickup, we will also provide you a brown envelope with your current certifications and a list of new certifications for you to complete.    In addition, a coach badge is provided to be placed on the shirt.    

Additional instructions below.
Any individual who has not completed the "Coach Shirt Requirement" does not qualify for a "coach shirt".

ONLY Coaches who have completed Coach Certifications and meet the Coach Shirt Requirement can only wear this coach shirt.  

This is a very important note and we as AYSO have a need to identify coaches at our game day locations who have completed AYSO Safe Haven, Coach Certifications and understand the AYSO Philosophies of Balanced Teams, Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching, Open Registration, Good Sportmanship and Player Development.

Verification of Coach Certification   
As a reminder, all certifications are completed and recorded in our AYSO National Database online at EAYSO.

Therefore in order for you to have any completed certifications, you must have completed a volunteer form with AYSO and have completed AYSO Safe Haven.   All course certifications are recorded and maintained.
We ask that all coaches become very familiar with EAYSO, AYSO Training Web Site and AYSO Course search for Course Registration.

Coach Blog Note:
This same email will be posted at the AYSO 183 Coaches Blog.

If you have any questions, please ask your Division Coordinator, Regional Board Member or Coach Staff / Administrator.
Thank you for volunteering with AYSO.