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Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey Coach! Leave your Joystick at home, bring a chair !


Often times, we coaches feel so compelled to tell players what to do on the field during a game.    If you find yourself having a constant conversation with your players on the field, you definitely forgot to bring your video game controller or joystick from home to the field.  (sarcasm)

Please don't bring any joysticks to your soccer game nor use this method while you are coaching the games.

Let the Kids Play!
Bring a chair.  Sit down and relax.   Observe the game, use positive charting methods, write down notes, and positively cheer all players on the field.   Bring your wisdom and guidance to your players at breaks (quarter breaks and half time) by using appropriate "coaching moments" and with positive coaching techniques.

Your role as a Coach is to train at your training sessions (aka practices).  You are to focus on training and use coach session planning as your tool for player development.

Use proper coaching moments at your training sessions, and work with your players by ensuring there is a good understanding of the game.  

Teaching the Game to Kids

Let the game be the teacher, you are there to guide your players thru the process of technical skill training and development.   

Don't be a Joystick Coach

Tactical instructions that are spoken to players such as

  • move there
  • run over there
  • cover that player
  • kick the ball!
  • what are you doing?
  • where are you going?
  • pass..pass...pass...
  • control! 

are not received by players during the game.

Ask any player, if they got all of the instructions yelled at them by a coach and also by some parents on the side during a game!

Lastly HONOR the GAME.
In your AYSO Safe Haven Training, you've been presented and you've fully understood the concept of modeling good sportsmanship behavior.    As a coach, you are a role model who demonstrates good sportsmanship.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Lineup Sheets

This is a very nice web page that has downloadable Lineup Sheets (PDFs) for you to use.