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Monday, October 19, 2009

No Practices at Peterson Park 10/22 - 10/30

  • Tues 10/20/09
  • Thurs 10/22/09
  • Tues 10/27/09
  • Thurs 10/29/09
This is due to other activities at Peterson Park that are not related to AYSO 183.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 / 17 - Picture Day

Saturday October 17th !!! , 2009 is AYSO 183 Picture Day.

*** Schedule Download - Click on the LINK below! **

*** **

*** We are still playing soccer until further notice **


The Picture Day Schedule is set for this Saturday 10/17.

Please look for your team number.
All teams are scheduled to go take pictures before their games are played.
Most teams have at least 1 hour prior to start of the game.
Coaches if you have the envelope that was handed out to you this past Saturday, please bring that envelope.
If you don't have it the Picture Staff will have a team envelope for you.

The Picture Day Location is at the Peterson Park South Fields. Entrance to the park is at Adrmore and Central Park Ave.

  1. Please be sure that your team families plan ahead and arrive 15 minutes before assigned picture time.
  2. Parking is available along Central Park Ave on the right side (park side) of the street from Peterson down to Bryn Mawr
  3. If players don't have the picture handout, the Picture Day staff will be handing out envelopes to help out for ordering
  4. All coaches/teams should know the team number by now.
Goal Setup: Teams with 9am and 10am start times. please send your team parents to help setup goals. Some of the 10am teams are scheduled to have pictures taken around 8:30am. So a few extra hands to help setup is appreciated when setting up goals.

I will also post this email at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Important Links

AYSO 183 Related Links:

Game Rules Summary:

The following link is a summary of game rules/policies that are used within AYSO 183.

Other Links
The following links are not related to AYSO 183.

Soccer Drills -

This web site (ad based) has a list of good soccer drills that can be used per age-division.
Hint! Look for the Printer Icon to print the drill out without those advertisements!

Soccer Videos - Soccer Interactive
This web site is hosted from You Tube and the Videos are in Beta/Testing mode.

Practices (Basic Format)

Here is a basic practice plan:

0-10 min: Basic Warm up with stretching and exercises.

11-20 min: As players arrive - in a confied small space get the players to dribble the ball on thier own. (All players must bring a ball ! ) This is very important to ensure that players feel comfortable with the ball.

21-30 min: In pairs, players work together by passing the ball between each other. Players can focus by passing with one foot only, or passing thru cones. Player can move around get used to distance and space when passing. The coach should watch carefully how passes are completed between players.

31-40 min: Use one of those short-sided drill games found on the web here. Only use 1 or 2 of them in this area of time for your practice. The groups of players should be no more than 3-4 per group. Such as a 2 v 2 drill with defending and attacking the ball.

41-60 min: The last 20 minutes of your practice is a scrimage game. The scrimmage game should not be more than 4 v 4. If you have more than 8 players at practice, you can have them practice on the side and rotate them. Again, I am encouraging the players to get as many touches during the whole hour of practicing.

During the scrimage game, coaches can "freeze" the game and show and demonstrate coaching points such as positioning, rules of the game, or even develop awareness of a situation. The "coaching point" should be brief. Don't freeze the game too often but stick with a theme. Let the kids play.

Practice Sheets

I've posted up "practice sheets" for you to download and use when running your practices. These practice sheets are in MS Excel and PDF Format.

U08 Practice Sheet
PDF Version:

PDF Version:
Excel Version:

U10 Practice Sheet
PDF Version:
Excel Version:

U12 Practice Sheet
PDF Version:
Excel Version: