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Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 Soccer Fest News


Shake Hands and then do the Soccer Tunnel ! ! ! 
Please watch this video.  I encourage all team parents share the AYSO experience with our youth players after shaking hands at the end of the game and do the "Soccer Tunnel".  Both set of team parents should create one tunnel for all players in the game to run thru.



Soccer Fest Saturday June 11th
9:00am - 3:00pm
Peterson Park South Fields / Field house area 
  1. Soccer Fest Fun 
  2. Soccer Fest Volunteers 
  3. Soccer Fest Game Schedule
  4. Soccer Fest Rules
  5. Soccer Fest Field Map
  6. Soccer Fest Parking 
  7. Trophy Distribution
  8. Ticket Distribution
  9. Player Registration - LAST DAY
  10. Coach Registration  
  11. Referee Registration
  12. Other Rules 
Soccer Fest Fun- June 11th
We are hear to celebrate the year-end of playing soccer at AYSO Region 183.    Our celebration is a fun-filled day with food, fun and soccer games.    All teams are scheduled to play 2 short-sided soccer games.     We'll have some fun activities such as inflatable attractions.   In addition, players will receive a trophy and a meal ticket.

Soccer Fest Volunteers 
We ask for your help.     Our Soccer Fest would not be a success without the volunteers that help support the region.    We do have a need for volunteers to help out with cooking, serving, chair and table setup / take down, and goal setup / take down, organizing and clean up of the picnic area.     

Please contact Arlene Zoeller via email at regarding volunteering opportunities for Soccer Fest. 

Soccer Fest Game Schedule
Click here for the Schedule

Please review the Soccer Fest Game Schedule and note the times for your team and field location.     Due to time and field constraints, we will be having each team play 2 games. You'll need to know your team number and time slots.

Field 1 
9:00 | 9:20    U05C-01 | U05C-02

The format of the schedule is read line by line.   The start and stop times are listed and in addition, each team is paired by field box.    The example is above.  

Soccer Fest Rules 
Click here for the Rules.

The rules are summarized as a 1-page Soccer Fest Rules Guide.    The rules are meant to follow short-sided games approach as opposed to a full game.   The short-sided game is intended to be a taste of the game.    

Soccer Fest Field Map
Click here for the Soccer Fest Field Map.    

Soccer Fest Parking
Parking can be found at North Park Village and Peterson Park Parking Lots.   However please do not park in the circle / turn-around area just beyond the Peterson Park field house.  If you do park at this location, you'll receive a parking ticket and a no parking sticker on your car window.    

You can also find parking on Central Park Ave on the Peterson Park side and right hand side of the street.       

Trophy Distribution and Official Coach Sign-Off 
As an offiical AYSO Coach, you are required to sign-out for your trophies and meal ticket distribution.   Our volunteers will ask for your to sign and confirm the number of players on your team.    You as the coach or assistant coach must sign out since your team roster sheet at the table.    

Meal Ticket Distribution and Official Coach Sign-Off 
As an official AYSO Coach,  you are required to sign-out for meal tickets.    You'll get 1 ticket per player and a ticket per coach that is registered as a volunteer.   The meal will be hot dog or hamburger, chips, and drink.

Player Registration Reminder ( LAST DAY )
We've mentioned this many times this season.  There will be a wait list starting on Sunday June 12th.    Please mention to your players and parents, that Soccer Fest marks the last day of registration for the Fall / Spring 2011-12 Seasons.     

Please see the coupon below to get the $5 discount.   We have instructions regarding pre-registration on the computer at    

Coach Registration
Coaches who are returning to coach for next season, please go to the Registration Table and bring and picture ID.  If you've coached this season, we have a pre-printed easy form for you to sign-off.  New Coaches will need to sign up with a new volunteer form.    New Coaches are welcome to sign up at the table or go to, bring 2 print outs with picture ID to Soccer Fest.     

Referee Registration
Our Region is growing and our Referee staff needs help.   We encourage parents who are interested in learning the game from a different perspective (not as coach or player), to become a referee.   All parents who've become Referees in youth soccer find it a very rewarding experience and challenging.     Fan, Coaches, Players give the up most respect to all Referees in AYSO 183.

Keep the Park Clean and Green! 
Let's keep the parks green!  Please pickup some trash as you leave the area.