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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10th Newsletter

AYSO 183 Coaches

May 2010 Newsletter Highlights
1. Game Schedule Changes
2. Game Day Reminders for Parents & Coaches
3. Soccer Fest June 12th
4. Area Fest June 6th
5. New Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Registration
6. Coach Assignments by May 31st
7. Coach Training
8. Safe Haven and Training Update
9. Coach Admin / Division Coordinators
10. Loyola Skills Clinic May 21st Friday 6-7:30pm

Do you have too many emails? Can't find AYSO emails? Don't worry, I'm posting copies of coaches emails (edited) to the blog site. is our Coaches Web Site.

I encourage you to use this web site for coaching in AYSO 183.

Rain out?! Field conditions?! - Sign up your mobile phone for updates. Using twitter is a good tool to use
for instant notification. Yes its faster than email believe or not.

Loyola Skills Free Clinic

The Loyola University Soccer Program is offering a free skills soccer clinic for AYSO 183 Soccer Teams. Coaches who attend and bring their teams together will experience great session of fun skill based training games. Look for emails from me. If you'd like to attend please let me know so that we can RSVP a spot for your team by Thu 5/20.


1. Game Schedule Changes for 5/15 thru 6/5
- Game Schedule has been finalized thru 6/5 as of Wed 5/5. You may now refer to the for the latest game schedule.

2. Game Day Reminders for Parents & Coaches
- Parents are to be on the touch lines (long sidelines) and NOT next to the goal keeper area.
- Parents/Spectators are to be at least 1 yard off of the touch line.
- Pets are to be at least 3-4 yards or more from the entire soccer field area.
- Parents/Spectators are to cheer positively. (yeah! good job! keep it up!)
- Negative comments such as - (hey! not good! terrible! you forgot! look at where you are?! what are you doing?!) are frowned upon.
- Let the players PLAY! Most children playing on the field only and "selectively" hear a few words. Honestly, will any player have a
- conversation with you while they are playing the game? There is lots of action going on.

- Coaches, as a good practice. Coaches on both teams are actually a coaching team at the game.
- 0) Please note that there is a team side and a spectator side.
- 1) Stay on the same side and opposite of spectators.
- 2) Inform your players to bring water bottles with them on team side.
- 3) Coaches are to work as teammates not be adversaries.
- 4) You will find that playing at higher age divisions and playing other AYSO regions that this is the general practice.

Soccer Fest - June 12th
Mark your Calendars. June 12th is our last day of Soccer. This day is our "Soccer Fest".

What is "Soccer Fest'?

Soccer Fest is a day where your soccer team plays 3 20-min short games of soccer.
In addition, all teams are playing soccer on the same day at the same location. As a single region, all
AYSO soccer families come together as one to enjoy our year of soccer.

We have a link posted to our web site here:

Please inform your players of this day.

Coaches: I will be sending out Soccer Fest rules and schedules. Please look for those emails.

Area Fest - June 6th
What is "Area Fest?"
The Area Fest is a region wide event at multiple park locations in the north/west suburbs such as
Skokie, Highland Park, Morton Grove, etc. Each park location will host a division. (ie. all U10 Boys at one park location).

For those certified coaches that are interested in taking a team to play at Area Fest on Sunday June 6th.
AYSO 183 has invites to play other AYSO regions for 1 team in each division listed here

  • U10 Boys Team
  • U10 Girls Team
  • U12 Boys Team
  • U12 Girls Team
  • U14 Boys Team
  • U14 Girls Team

All coaches at these games must be safe haven certified and also have certification at the age level that they are coaching in.
Coaches who are interested please let me know.

As participants at the Area Fest, AYSO Region 183 also needs team parents or assistant coaches to help setup and close out
the Area Fest locations. All AYSO Regions in the area that participates all have volunteer team parents that help out.
Let us show the other regions that our parents do support the AYSO with volunteering.

Games are short-sided games and not full-length games. Games are:
- 7 v 7 (including goal keeper)
- 25 minute game (3 games total)
- Team size up to 12, 7 players on the field max

A good first step is to take a poll of your team to see if there is interest. If you do you have your team ready, please let me know.
I would like to get responses by next Monday May 17th.

New Fall 2010 / Spring 2011 Registration

Reminder: Please send anyone who is interested on registering with AYSO 183 to visit the staff table on Game Days Saturday

from 9am -1pm at the Peterson Park South Field location (near the field house at the picnic tables).

We are still taking registration for Fall 2010/Spring 2011 until June 5th. There will be a wait list after June 5th.

Coaching Next Season - Fall 2010 / Spring 2011

If you are interested in continuing coaching in AYSO 183 and watching your children grow and develop with the game of soccer, you will need to sign up again for next year. Some coaches already have informed me. Not all coaches have informed me. I do need your response. All returning coaches must fill out a new volunteer registration form. Reminder: For each year that you coach, a new volunteer registration form is required.

Coach Training

If you child is moving up into the next age division, you will need to have coach certification training too. There will be training this summer for all age divisions. I encourage you too keep an eye out for the training schedule. Almost all training sessions occur on weekends. A few pointers to keep your scheduling in mind:

U06 thru U10 are about 3-4 hours of training for each course.

U12 is about 5 hours

U14/Intermediate: 2 Days (approx 6-8 hour each day Sat and Sun)

U16/U19/Advanced: 2.5 Days ( 3 hour Friday night, 6-8 for Sat and Sun each)

National Coach Requirements

All current U05 and U06 Coaches who are coaching in U06 next year are now required to complete U06 Certification Training starting on Aug 1, 2010.

Please note that this is a national requirement and AYSO 183 is now required to follow this. In coming years, expectations are that all coaches be certified at that level before a team is assigned. The next year in 2011, expect that U06 and U08 will be requirements.

By the way, all AYSO 183 Coaches can take the U06 Online Training. This is a new online training session that take approximately 1 hour to complete.

To all U05/U06 Coaches, you are welcome to take the U06 Online Training before July 1st. I encourage you to take the online training.

Safe Haven Update
I want to thank all coaches this year for completing Safe Haven Certification. We are almost 100%!

Loyola Skills Free Clinic

The Loyola University Soccer Program is offering a free skills soccer clinic for AYSO 183 Soccer Teams. Coaches are to attend and bring their teams together for an extra session of fun skill based training games. Look for emails from me. If you'd like to attend please let me so that we can RSVP a spot for your team.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/8 Schedule Update

Status as of May 3rd at 11pm.

Here is an update as we are still in process of completing the changes to the schedule.

1. Saturday May 8th is final. Changes made to the schedule are posted to the AYSO 183 Web Site at Regular Season Schedules.
Please inform your teams with regards to updates of schedule.

2. Other dates May 15th, May 22nd and June 5th are still in flux. Please be sure that your families are aware of this that the later dates are not final. We are tweaking the schedule and I hope to have that portion of the schedule finalized.

Reminder: Please be sure that your team parents update or replace any printed schedules as go to the web site for the
latest schedule for May 8th only.

Changes for 5/8 are as follows:
U06C Field Assignment Changes for 5/8 @ 1pm
U10G Game Changes for 5/8 @ 9am/10am
U10B Game Changes for 5/8 @ 9am/11am
U12B Game Changes for 5/8 (no change)

Upcoming Changes for 5/15, 5/22 and 6/5
U06C Field Assignment Changes
U10B Game Changes
U12B Game Changes

** Please note **
As you view and print out the schedules, the Game Times are **NOT IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER** as you read the schedule from top to bottom. The ordering is reflected by our scheduling database provider and we can't change the ordering.

For example

If your team is listed with the correct time, it might show up out of order. Please ignore the ordering...
If you have any special web sites, printed schedules, etc., you will have to be sure that the changes are made as well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Schedule Changes for 5/8 - 6/5 Notification

Schedule Notification Changes
We have game schedule changes starting 5/8 thru 6/5 due to the following reasons:

- coaches being double booked at the same time for multiple teams or
- where games are played back-to-back weekends with the same teams or
- by following our balanced team principles in AYSO

The divisions that have changes starting on 5/8 are:

U06 Coed (Boys and Girls)
U10 Boys
U10 Girls
U12 Boys

The changes have not been updated to the schedule as Sunday 5/2, as I am working with the scheduler.
Therefore do not announce the times yet.

  • The schedule is planned to be updated by Tuesday 5/4 so that you are prepared to inform your players and parents.
  • Changes may also impact families who have children on different teams
  • Please wait until I give the go ahead to announce the changes to the schedule.
  • I will also contact each coach who is impacted with these changes.