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Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Season Coaching Moments

We have had our coaching moments thru the start of the AYSO 183 Fall 2016 Season.    

Let's be sure that when we have our "coaching moments" that we follow the AYSO Vision and Mission along with the "AYSO Principles of Sport" (AYSO Safe Haven Manual 2015 Edition).

Everyone Plays!
We need to have more volunteers (as coaches) to help expand the number of teams with players who are on a wait list.   However at the time of team formation and to keep pace with the pre-season preparations (500 or more hours of volunteer time), a decision is made with the number of coaches available to coach in a division.

There are times that some divisions are +1 on the roster size (recommended max size).    The max size of a roster is to ensure that we get every player to play 3/4 of every game before any player gets to play a full game.     If we are +1 or more on a roster, then a coach must be sure that every player plays at least half of every game.    We in AYSO Region 183 want to do more for the player by having them play 3/4 of game which is more than a 1/2 game!         However, since some divisions have less people who volunteered to be a coach, then players don't get to play as often.

Open Registration and Balanced Teams
We have some divisions where the number of players are +1 max over the roster size.   However not all teams are over the max size, and AYSO 183 has a vested interest to 1) allow new players to join AYSO via wait list and 2) ensure that players are assigned appropriately with equal number of players per team within a division.

If all teams have an equal number of players assigned, and we start moving thru the wait list to assign players, all teams will now eventually have that higher number of players.    This is a part of our "balanced teams approach".  

Positive Coaching and AYSO Safe Haven "Positive Role Model and Good Sportsmanship"
As players are added to your team, as a positive role model - acceptance of a player as to who they are is one of the most important aspects for enriching a "child's life".    Non-acceptance is not enriching to a player and discouragement has ensued which is hard on a new player.    

We have a wait list of players.    We have a wait list of of players who come from diverse backgrounds.   We have a wait list of players who come from diverse backgrounds which is most definitely not the same as yours.

As an AYSO Safe Haven Certified Volunteer, we have an expectation that you as a volunteer understand that as a "positive role model" your interaction on and off the field is an important aspect that enriches children's lives.    You are there to provide positive feelings of self-worth, treat children as individuals, and to build confidence and self-esteem.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall 2016 Update #1

Game Cards
As a coach, you are required to give a lineup game card at the start of the game to the center referee.    As a suggestion, please keep your own tracking of players with regards to substitutions at quarter breaks.    You are to ensure that Everyone Plays (3/4 of a game before a full game is played).

You will need to download the PDF copy of the lineup card to use.   

Game Management Hint
As mentioned at the Coach Admin Meeting with regards to in-game management of potential high scoring games by one team.     The coaches (both sides) should work together to ensure that the game has goals that is achievable.      Teams that are ahead can work on more tactical play such as more defending, each player to touch ball 3 times dribble. before passing to next player, etc.   Score outside of the penalty area such as a very long shot on goal.    Defenders can try to play zonal defending or play a wider formation (not compact defending formation).

Practice Field / Training Session Times Update
We have updated practice times for Hollywood Park and Peterson Park North this Fall 2016.     Please review dates and times for use of the fields for training your players.

Player Equipment and Safety

Referees will be enforcing that players are NOT to be wearing Jewelry as per AYSO National Guidelines.   The text of the guidelines are listed word for word form the AYSO Reference Manual - Guidance for Referees, Coaches, Other Volunteers and Parents. (Yellow Book)

I ask that all coaches review this page so that there is an understand.

We have Regional Guidelines and National Policies as well.

Team Parents
Let's be sure that each team has a team parent that has volunteered as e-signed with AYSO.     If a parent has stepped up, please email

Online Referee Training
We ask that all coaches take the Online Referee Training to fully understand the Laws of the Game.  In addition, you are one-step closer on becoming an AYSO referee which includes a Referee Shirt !  Online training can be found at

AYSO Concussion Training Online
As a reminder, please go to to complete your AYSO / Center for Disease Control - Online Concussion Training.   Once completed the web application online will update your certification records in EAYSO.     REMINDER:  Please print your certificate such that if there a problem with your certification, we can fax / email your certificate to AYSO.

Coach Side / Parent Side at the Field (Signs)We have posted signs at the fields.

At U08, U10, U12 and U14 Fields, we have a coach / player side and also the fan side of the field.    Parents are to observe the game watching from the touchline which is the opposite side of the coach - player side.  Also, no parent or fan is to be directly on the goal line or sitting / standing next to goal.    

Coach Side / Technical Area
The Technical Area is the coach / player side at the center of the field.  Coaches and Players are to sit at least 1-2 yards away from the field and be sitting / standing in the center area.   Coaches are not to run up and down the field.    Coaches are required to be in the "Technical Area".   

Hint: Bring a chair !
As part our AYSO National Program and the "Coaching Cycle".   (Refer to your Coaching Manual)  The "Coaching Cycle" is your chance to build up your observation skills of the game.    For example, take down number of successful touches and poor touches by your team or successful # of passes.