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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Game Day Coaching is Positive with ....

Balanced Teams, Good Sportsmanship and Everyone Plays

The above in bold is very much stressed by the us as coaches in AYSO. The importance of these 3 philosophies in AYSO is that as coaches we represent the ideals of AYSO when it comes encouraging enjoyment and fair play at the game session.

These ideals go for all players, coaches, referees, fans and volunteers at AYSO.

Balanced Teams
At the younger levels from U05, U06 and U08, at time coaches are participating on the field as in-game referees and/or helping to coach the players on the field. This is especially noted at the U05 and U06 level. At the U08 Level, there are times when the coach must become the referee on the field.

At all times, coaches must work together to ensure that teams are balanced on the field.

Before the game has started, please discuss the balanced team approach with the referee and the other coach at the field.

This discussion will set the framework as to how the balanced team approach is achieved by both teams.

The following would be examples to set as the framework for your game.
- Equal number players on the field per team
- Rotating recently "high scoring" players back to play different positions on the field.
- If team cannot field a team or is short players, we encourage teams to be remixed or player(s) loaned.

Everyone Plays
At U05, U06, and U08 Levels, players on both teams should be encouraged to work together during the training sessions or practices. As our youth players later graduate to upper divisions, eventually these players will be teammates since we move from 4 v 4 all the way thru 11 v 11.

At our games, if a team is short players and the other has more than enough. The teams can be remixed or players can be loaned to the team. This can be done provided that "soccer" pinnies are available.

Good Sportsmanship
At all levels, coaches on both teams usually are paired up together in the "coaching" box area. Should coaches be on the field (as in U05 and U06), both coaches are required to encourage "fair play" for all players. The most important ideal is to ensure that players "play" the game. Let them play!

Too much coaching with all players can sway the ideals of good sportsmanship to that of being perceived as poor sportsmanship. Coaches should work together on continue to "say positive remarks" and not encourage decision making that can sway a player not to achieve the objective of the specific play, game or scoring chances.

At the U05, U06 and U08 levels ~ the ideals of the short-sided game is to encourage as guidance "dribbling" and "passing" for the attacking principles while "deny" and "delay" are the defending principles. Although scoring is important, coaches will need to consider that team improvements from training to the short-sided game sessions that follow the attacking/defending principles are "long term gains". Short terms gains such as "immediate goal scoring" are nice but are short lived in player development and experience. You will see the benefits "long term" with player development as oppose to "winning the game" for that day.

Remember "Let them play!"