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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Card Management

Game Card Management
All coaches are required to complete game cards for each game.

Game Card in Coach Packet
When you opened your coach packet from the Uniform Distribution, you will notice game cards in the envelope. Game cards are used to help track your players on and off the field during the game.

If you need more game cards, please stop by the AYSO Staff Picnic Table at the Peterson Park South Fields (near the field house) on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

Pre-Fill Game Cards
My recommendation is to pre-fill 2 game cards before Saturday (Game Day). The card should list all players on your entire team roster. You should fill out a few cards at a time.

I would also keep a second roster cards during the game and here is why:
  • The referee will ask for a card at the start of the game.
  • Keeping an extra copy of the game card will help you remember who played in and out for this week based on rotation for the next week. This will help you work the rotation of players between different positions.
  • We have some AYSO coaches that have great player rotation systems that they have used on their own. I welcome any coach to offer their system of rotation to new coaches! Please email me. We can use you as a great example ;-)
  • Your second copy will be used to guide you keeping track of players play from week to week.
  • During the game, ask your Assistant Coach or Team Parent to help keep track of players on the secondary sheet.
  • If a referee did not take your game card, please bring the game card to the AYSO Picnic Table at the Peterson Park South Fields (next to the field house) anytime on Saturday Game Day. (or) bring these to the Coach Admin Meetings.

Game Card Sheet Online
Here is a good tool on the Internet. AYSO has provided the Game Cards in print out format. I’ve used this format at my second roster card during the game to help me keep track of players.

You can use the following link to create your game card online:

link here:

By filling the game card thru your web/browser, you are then able to print out 1 sheet with 4 game cards. You should print out multiple copies.

Marking the Game Card
As instructed on the game card, the card states that for each quarter, you mark down who has not played. Therefore you’ll just need to mark down who is not on the field.

Rotation Method: Some coaches use a pre-planned rotation per quarter to help them manage and ensuring players play most of the game. In addition, the rotation concept gives the players freedom to try different positions on the field.

Coaches can ask parents regarding availability from week to week so that the lineup card and roster rotations are planned and/or kept in mind for you.

For example, one player might have been sick the week before or another did not get to play 3/4 of game. You would like to be sure that everyone has a chance to play. You should be sure that those players who played less then previous week, get more playing time the next time.
Also players who don't show to practice does not have a direct effect to playing on Saturday. For example, a player may not be able to a practice with your team due to family event, but does show on Saturday.

Coaches should consider rotating the goalie by quarter and ensure that everyone on the team plays goalie at least few times a season. In higher age-divisions, you may get some players who wish to specialize in goalie. In that case as always encourage teammates to help by being a goalie as well so that everyone has time on the field.

Here we have demonstrated the AYSO philosophies of "Everyone Plays" and "Balanced Teams".

Coach Feedback
Coach #1
I prepare a lineup, by quarter, on a sheet of paper on Thursday or Friday. I usually decide who my keepers are going to be by Tuesday, so we can work with them at practice.

I give a copy to my assistant coach, who sets up the defense while I set up the mids and forwards.

This does two things -- it reduces the delay between quarters, and keeps the coach from being besieged by people yelling "I wanna play this!" or "I don't wanna play that!"

The coach needs good attendance info from his/her players' parents, of course, in order to make this work well.

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