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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Player Evaluation Basic Approach

Basic Evaluation
As a basic approach for the end of the fall season, we as coaches will need to do team / player evaluations.   Over the past years, I've asked for player evaluations by the end of the spring season, however as we all know that as we approach the summer, we tend to get very busy such as end of school, vacations, etc, etc.    

Our regional staff spend hours each season assigning players to fair and balanced teams.  But without our coaches best help, it can be next to impossible to achieve.    By providing player evaluations, the team assignment process will help form balanced teams for the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 seasons.

I'd like to keep the player evaluation as simple as possible.   

Assign a value of 3, 2 and 1 to each player.
  • 3 indicates a player who demonstrates technical skills tactical soccer presence on the field and is a team player.
  • 2 indicates a player who embodies a "3" and meets any 2 or more of those categories.
  • 1 indicates a player who who meets any one or more of those categories but needs improvement.

You will need to create a bell curve for your team.  In other words, you should have few 3's and 1's and many 2s.

As a general rule, all of our players are growing physically and mentally at different rates so this evaluation value is meant to be as guide for our region.

Email Format
The  following is the format to respond with as an  example: 

Last Name, First Name, Value

Donovan, Landon, 3
Hamm,  Mia, 3
Dempsey, Clint, 3

Solo, Hope, 3
Pitt, Brad, 2

Jolie, Angelina, 2
Howard, Ron, 2
Marshall, Penny, 2
Leia, Princess, 1
Skywalker,  Luke,  1

Smurf, Smurfette, 1
Smurf, Pappa, 1

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