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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goal Setup - Easy Steps

Basic Instructions for Goal Setup
1. Note all goals are different sizes for U08, U10, and U12/U14 but basic principle applies!
2. Pickup Goal Bag (or) Goal equipment from storage location to field.
2a. Get Volunteers to help.
2b. Corner Flags too!

3. Goal Setup:  Take out equipment, poles and net.
4. Layout frame on ground to match up (poles with color tape).
5. Find Crossbar(s) and connect together.  Cross bars are for top across and bottom across.
6. Find Sidebars
7. Lay bars back down.
8. Take net and spread out net.
9. Look for top of net, usually taped ends.
10. Take Crossbar (top) and put crossbar thru top of net every other square.
11. Follow same for Side bars.
12. Connect Sidebars with Top Crossbar.
13. Connect Sidebars with Bottom Cross bar.
14. Secure Net in place around bars.
15. Place goal on ground.
16. Look in bag for ground stakes and secure goal.
17. Game is not started until goal is secure and staked!  Referee also checks.
18. Rain out ?!

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