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Sunday, September 9, 2012

U06 Saturday Session Plan

U06 Saturday Session Plan

For some U06 players, this is the first time playing soccer with a team.   As a coach,  one of your responsibilities is to make it easy for the youth player to transition into a game.    Your players may not know what to do at practices and then the game itself.

Here is a sample format for a U06 Saturday Session in 60 minutes.

  • No standing in lines waiting for a turn.
  • Always have water breaks
  • Stick with a "fun story" theme.
Todays Theme  - Crazy Cars

00:00 - 10:00 minutes  - Dribble, Dribble, Dribble
All your players should bring a ball with them.   In your half of the field, do a lot of dribbling exercizes.    For example, tell the players to dribble right foot, right foot, right foot then switch to left foot, left foot, left foot.

  • At the start of the dribbling session talk about "cars" and make it fun.  
  • Ask each player what kind of car that they would like to be.   "Red Car",  "Sports Car", etc.
10:00 - 20:00 minutes - AYSO Fun Training Game #1  - Red Light Green Light
The players have been dribbling for about 5-10 minutes.     After your water break, the players are still thinking dribbling.   Most youth players at U06 relate themselves to the ball only and occassionally understand time and space when it comes to passing.    Again for many this is the first time playing organized soccer.   

20:00 - 30:00 minutes - AYSO Fun Training Game #2 - "Crazy Car Game"
Setup cones in each corner of the field.   The cones should make out a square in the corners of the field.    Each corner of the field can have a name such as "gas station", "rest stop", "parking lot" and/or "garage".

The coach(es) are the "crazy cars" trying to crash the balls.    Each player has a ball to dribble thru the highway (soccer field) and they are to go to one of the "gas stations", "rest stop", "parking lot" and/or "garage".    

Each player can be a cool vehicle such as a "race car",  "bus", "truck", etc.

What happens?   In this game you are encourage dribbling and possesion of the ball.    The youth players at the same time get used to the distance of the fields and the "dynamic" movement of other players / coaches running on the field.    The game will look chaotic from a fan / parent viewpoint, however this "car game" simulates game-link scenarios.     We are replicating the game like situation for a player to keep dribbling, control the ball and stopping at the corners of the field.

Changing game situations
  • Add lanes on the field such as "speed lane",  "dribbling lanes",  "obstacle course"

30:00 - 55:00  AYSO U06 Game  - 3 on 3 Game
After the AYSO Fun Training Games,   the players will need a break.    Now what's important is the transition from the training games to the game itself     You see if you let the "Game be the Teacher",  the "Red Light, Green Light Game" and the "Crazy Cars Game",  wil have demonstrated game like situations.    Your players will now understand what to do with the ball on the field.

Refer to your U06 Coach Manual or Guidlines Book for the U06 Laws of the Game.

Basic Format is
  • 4 Quarter Game
  • 5 Minute Quarters 
  • 1-2 Minute Water Breaks
  • 3 players on the field per team  ( 3 on 3 )
  • Switch Fields at half time  (Quarter 1, Quarter 2 = 1st half)  (Quarter 3, Quarter 4 = 2nd half)
  • 1 coach per team on field as guiding coaches and referee(s).

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