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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Save the Date - Saturday October 6th 2012 - Picture Day!

Please forward to your player families. 
Save the Date! 

October 6th 2012

is AYSO Region 183 Picture Day. 

Team Picture Schedule will be published soon at the AYSO 183 Web Site. 
Coaches will have Picture Day handouts to pass out to players and families.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What time is my team's picture?
Historically, your team's picture scheduled time is 60 minutes before your actual game time.    Please plan ahead.      We will announce the schedule at our AYSO 183 Web Site.  

What time again?
Please be sure to remind players to meet 15 minutes before your team's designated team picture time.     Your team will gather at the location and the photography team will lineup the players.   

Where will pictures be taken?
We plan on having your team take pictures at Peterson Park South Fields.  

My team plays a Hollywood Park so where is the Peterson Park South Field Location?
For those of you who are at Hollywood Park and have teams in U05, U06 and U08 Divisions,  the Peterson Park South Field Location is at Central Park and Ardmore.  

You can park on Central Park Ave (park side) and walk thru the park gates.   You'll see the playground, park field house and the tennis courts.    The team's picture location is usually next to the tennis courts.

My team plays a Peterson Park North so where is the Peterson Park South Fields?
At the Peterson Park North Field location, walk south on the park pathways and you will then see the South Fields. 

By the way, Peterson Park North Field location is the portion of Peterson Park at the intersection of Peterson Ave and Central Park.      There is a row of trees that separate the north and south fields.     Google Maps and satellite view will distinctly inform you as to how the fields are located.

Is there a cost with pictures?
Yes.  You will need to provide payment with the order form.

Your coach will be passing out the order forms to your team.    The picture order form has many options for you to choose from.    Our photography company may have online ordering instructions.   Please follow the instructions with regards to ordering.

I don't have a form?  What do I do?  At Picture Day, the photography team will also be handing out ordering form for parents.    Please bring a check for payment.

When will we get our pictures?
On Picture Day, if you have handed your order form and payment to the photography team, the order will be processed.    When our photography company has completed processing of the photos, the vendor will ship the team packages to our region.     We will notify coaches for pickup of the processed packages that were ordered.

Who will pick up the packages?
The coach representing your team will pickup the team package.

Will there be another Picture Day other than this date? 

If your team has an AYSO/Shutterfly web site, feel free to take advantage of those features regarding team and player photo packages.


AYSO Region 183

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