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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Preseason Meeting August 28th 2010 !

Preseason Meeting 8/28
We have a 8/28 9am-11am Preseason Meeting at Legion Park. The meeting will start at 9am. We will actually sit in the park area and then go over the season. After the meeting the plan is to hand out the rosters and uniform. Parking will be difficult so you'll need to park in the streets in the area which maybe 1, 2, or 3 blocks away. No Parking in the alleys or streets marked with parking restrictions and limitations. Please follow parking signs. Also, please bring a lawn chair and there are no bathroom facilities in the park area.

Legion Park is between Peterson Ave / Bryn Mawr Ave on the east side of the Chicago River (North Branch). The location is at 5730 N Virginia Ave but we will be having the meeting on the park side of this address.
Google Map:

The goal of the meeting is to review AYSO 183's program with all coaches,referees, and volunteers. This is an important meeting to attend since we will review many aspects such as game format, player development, child safety, etc. In addition, at toward the end of the meeting I will break up the groups by age-divisions so that I can review specific items per group.

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