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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Registration Day - Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

Registration Day - AYSO 183

Registration for Fall 2011 / Spring 2012

Date: March 19th, 2011
Time: 9:00am-2:30pm

River Park Field House
5100 North Francisco Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625


Parking is located on the park sides of
Foster, Francisco and Argyle.

Please do not park on the residential side of these streets or
any street with city parking restrictions.


Early Bird Cost on March 19th 2011 only.
Cost is $90 per player on March 19th 2011 only.
Youth Registration only for 4 - 19 years of age.
All High School Players must register.

A Wait List will be started on June 4th 2011.
Cost goes up to $115 from March 20th 2011 to June 4th 2011.

Not able to attend Registration Day?

If you are not able to attend Registration Day,
please have a friend bring the eAYSO registration forms and payment.

Fast Registration! Skip Long Lines!

Starting on March 1st.
Follow this check list:

1. If you want to avoid long lines at registration, we ask that you use a computer online to register your children and yourself at the eAYSO web site found on the Internet at
2. At the eAYSO web site, you'll need to register all of your children.
3. Please use the PRINT button to print out a special formatted (PDF format) registration form.
4. DO NOT USE the Web Browser's "Print" web page.
5. Please sign the registration forms.
6. You'll need to bring 2 printed forms per child.
7. We accept Cash or Check payable to "AYSO 183".
8. $90 per child on March 19th, 2011 only!
9. Register yourself as a volunteer. Print out 2 copies of your volunteer registration form.
10. Please bring a state or federal government Picture ID (driver's license, passport.) to verify volunteer form with our registration team.
11. You as the volunteer must also be present at registration.

Returning coaches:

* You'll need to register AGAIN.
* AYSO is requires that all volunteers need to re-register every year.
* Therefore your re-registering for the upcoming Fall 2011-Spring 2012 Season.

Please use eAYSO to register online.
The benefit of registering online is to reduce errors by reading a printed form and typing into a computer.

At the March 19th, 2011 Registration:
You can bring your family to try on uniforms for correct sizing in the Fall 2011 Season.
Sign up to volunteer with AYSO Region 183.

We are looking for more volunteers to help out!
All parents help out as

* Coaches
* Referees
* Field Monitors
* Team Parents
* Soccer Fest
* Regional Staff

Meet a professional soccer player.
Learn more about AYSO Soccer Camp in Summer 2011

NO Registration accepted for 2011 Spring Season. All teams are locked for Spring 2011.

Registration Period -

March 20th to June 4th for
Fall 2011 and Spring 2011 Season

Cost is $115 per child from
March 20th 2011 to June 4th 2011.

Registration is CLOSED on

Registration Period closes.
No exceptions!

Our national registration
process starts on June 5th.

On June 5th, 2011 -
all player registration will be placed on a wait list.
AYSO has many regions across the country and
we are all working to get soccer started on time!

Wait List

There will be a Summer 2011 Wait List.
All registration must be completed by June 4th.

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