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Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 Fall U05 Program

U05-C Program  
The objective of this program is to provide young players and their parents with a "pressure free" introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer.   At this age players should be exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities and games that require little to no practice and a minimal time commitment. 
The C for U05 stands for coed which is for both boys and girls.   In older divisions, we have B and G which are for boys and girls respectively.   Also, please remind your teams that the team assignment is for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.  
U05 Master Coach and U05 Coaches 
As the designated Master Coach for U05, I will help coordinate with you training activities on Saturdays with practice plans.        On Saturdays,  I will be coordinating the activities on the field with you.    The importance of having a Master Coach is to guide you and parents thru our U05 program.     

You as the coach will help introduce the kids to soccer, allow them to make friends, learn something new, have fun and get a taste of the game.   Parents will also learn new training techniques with fun games, activities and also understand the AYSO model for playing soccer.       I encourage you to have parents volunteer with you during the fun training games. 
My schedule on Saturdays is quite busy as I'm also a coach in U10 and U14.   So I'll will not be at the U05 field the entire day.   I will go the the U05 Field when I'm available.     I do plan to start the day at 9:00 at the U05 Field on Saturdays.     The U05 Schedule runs from 9:00am to 2:00pm  for the Fall. 

Game Day and Location
Our season runs on Saturdays starting on Sept 8 thru Oct. 27.   The games are located at Hollywood Park which is a Peterson and Kedzie.    Our first day, we'll be meeting on the South Side of the Hollywood Park Fieldhouse at approximately 8:45am.     
Player Equipment and Uniform
Your designated team contact will be coordinating with your child's team uniform.   See below for team contact.    In addition, you'll need to purchase for your child soccer shoes, soccer shinguards, and a size #3 soccer ball.  We don't use size 4 or size 5 at this level.   Please be sure that you mark the ball with marker the last name and team number.     Please be sure that the player brings the ball every Saturday.    
Players are to wear soccer shoes and shinguards every Saturday.   Players can wear flat gym shoes or turf shoes but if the ground is wet or slippery, soccer shoes (cleats) are recommended.     Please no baseball shoes, cleats or football shoes or cleats.   The cleat configuration is different than from soccer shoes. 
Region 183 - U05 Equipment / Cones and Pinnies  / First Aid Kit 
Our U05 / U06 Fields will have the AYSO Region 183 Equipment Blue Bag  stocked with "vests", "flat cones" and balls that is to be used at the fields.   Once completed please return the equipment to the Blug Bag.    There is also a First Aid Kit in the bag.    If the kit gets used please let me know so that I can replenish with first aid supplies. 

Game Day Format (approximate timing) 
00:00 - 10:00 min :  Introductions / Warm up  
10:00 - 15:00 min :  AYSO Training Game 1
15:00 - 20:00 min :  Water Break  ( 1-2 min break ) add more time to games! 
20:00 - 25:00 min :  AYSO Training Game 2
30:00 - 55:00 min :  Soccer Game (3 on 3) 5 min quartersl; 1 min breaks,   4 quarters = full game 

At the start of the session, you are to pick up the practice plan sheet and/or use the training sheets from the blue bag.   You can keep the paper training sheets and please return the practice games that are laminated (plastic sheets) to the blue bag.      I also have a few practice plans at the web site under the Coaches / U05 Program Section.

You will then start with a warm up activity and then move into groups where we will then play fun game activities.   The last 20-30 minutes of the session, we'll form teams and play 3 games of 3 v 3 at the same time at our field.   The players will be rotated at the quarter break (about 5 minutes each). 

All of the players in the U05 Division will be receiving the same color uniform.    

So in order to play the game with different colors, we have 'vests' or 'pinnies' to place over the players.    

You are to balance the teams between the two different colors.   You could initially start with your team assignments and I encourage you to work with the other coach to balance teams. 

When we play the soccer 3 v 3 game, the players will wear "pinnies" which are light soccer practice vests  different colors over the uniform.   This will allow for us to create new teams every week so that all of the children get to know each other thru play.

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