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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/8 Schedule Update

Status as of May 3rd at 11pm.

Here is an update as we are still in process of completing the changes to the schedule.

1. Saturday May 8th is final. Changes made to the schedule are posted to the AYSO 183 Web Site at Regular Season Schedules.
Please inform your teams with regards to updates of schedule.

2. Other dates May 15th, May 22nd and June 5th are still in flux. Please be sure that your families are aware of this that the later dates are not final. We are tweaking the schedule and I hope to have that portion of the schedule finalized.

Reminder: Please be sure that your team parents update or replace any printed schedules as go to the web site for the
latest schedule for May 8th only.

Changes for 5/8 are as follows:
U06C Field Assignment Changes for 5/8 @ 1pm
U10G Game Changes for 5/8 @ 9am/10am
U10B Game Changes for 5/8 @ 9am/11am
U12B Game Changes for 5/8 (no change)

Upcoming Changes for 5/15, 5/22 and 6/5
U06C Field Assignment Changes
U10B Game Changes
U12B Game Changes

** Please note **
As you view and print out the schedules, the Game Times are **NOT IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER** as you read the schedule from top to bottom. The ordering is reflected by our scheduling database provider and we can't change the ordering.

For example

If your team is listed with the correct time, it might show up out of order. Please ignore the ordering...
If you have any special web sites, printed schedules, etc., you will have to be sure that the changes are made as well.

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