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Thursday, April 15, 2010

AYSO 183 Game Day Saturdays 5/22


Let's be sure that we have a fun and safe environment for our soccer games at AYSO 183.
Enjoy your Saturdays coaching. Be respectful, have fun and be positive.

AYSO 183 Game Day Saturdays
Quick Reminder Checklist for Saturday's games

On Friday
[ ] 1. Prepare lineup cards for referee
[ ] 2. Make backup lineup sheet for yourself
See for lineup card printout link to print a form.

[ ] 3. Printout Accident Form here and put in your coaches folder or bag.

[ ] 4. Check and put all player forms in your coaches folder or bag.
There will be spot checks at the games.
AYSO Staff will be asking so if you don't have it, we run the risk of not playing games.
Please bring player forms with you at games. If you are not present, you are responsible
to ensure that player forms are held by assistant coach or team parent.

[ ] 5. Email / Contact Parents for Goal Setup 45 minutes before 1st game.
8:15am for 9am games
We all haven't setup goals since Fall. So some of us coaches will have to relearn goal setup.
Use the extra time to setup the goals.

[ ] 6. Email / Contact Parents for Game Time, Game Field Location and Team Number!
Schedule located at

[ ] 7. Remind Families - players must wear AYSO uniform with proper equipment (soccer shoes, socks and shinguards)
No football or baseball shoes! The cleats for those shoes are dangerous for soccer.
Bring water bottles to keep cool and hydrated.

[ ] 8. Bring extra different colors T-Shirt or goalie shirt

[ ] 9. Bring correct size Soccer Ball for your team games.
Size 3 - U5, U6 and U8
Size 4 - U10, U12
Size 5 - U14 and up

[ ] 10. Last games of the day, coaches check your schedules. If your teams are the last teams on the field, please remind
parents to take down goals and equipment. Store in goal bags and/or return to goal lockup.

[ ] 11. Lastly, let's keep our parks green. Pickup any trash and and dispose properly.

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